mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Partez à Hawai avec Createyourstories

Vous en avez déjà assez du froid, de la grisaille, du mauvais temps qui nous a fait rentrer de plein pied dans l'hiver?

Suivez-nous et partons ensemble de l'autre côté du globe, à Hawai sur l'île de Maui précisement.

Un grand merci à Christine H. qui a accepté avec amitié que nous utilisions une photo de ses vacances. Et spécialement pour ses enfants qui ne parlent pas français, l'histoire sera en anglais aujourd'hui. Cela nous donnera un nouvel exercice pour expérimenter la rédaction dans une autre langue.

"Once upon a time, on a beautiful island named Maui, three children were sitting on a beach. They played all morning soccer and ultimate and wanted to take a rest. When suddendly a little white bear appeared on the beach right behind them.
Their first reaction was fear.

Should we run? should we stay sitted without moving a finger?

They did not know what to do.

While they were thinking what to do, the little bear started to speak, like a human, unbelievable!

- Hello... started to say the little white bear

- Hello! responded the three kids in one voice

- My name is Knuth. I went to bed yesterday with my mom and dad in Finland where we live and I woke up this morning in the middle of this island.

The three kids could not believe what they were seeing, what they were hearing. It was a joke, it was a dream?

No, Knuth was real, standing next to them on the most beautiful beach in the world.

What to do? This little bear did not look dangerous, so they took a quick decision, to do what all kids in the world are doing, they offered him to play."

La suite, c'est à vous de l'inventer!

Profitez des vacances pour créer et inventer de nouvelles histoires.
Et partagez-les nous:

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But before they could start playing, the kids needed to get some ice cubes as it was way too hot for the little polar bear. They raced to the vending machine and got themselves a bottle of lemonade and for the polar bear a big bucket full of ice cubes. How Knuth liked munching on the ice to cool him off!

Then, the children played fetch with Knuth and threw him some giant tuna fish. But instead of fetching, the bear started eating the tuna fish… The children hopped over a jump rope, but Knuth could not jump and ripped the rope…. The three kids threw the bear a beach ball, but when Knuth caught it, the ball popped… Hmmmm… Playing with a polar bear was not as easy as they had thought!

“I do not want to play”, said the bear, “I want to go home to mommy and daddy.” What could they do? Finland was so far away, almost on the other side of the world. The children were thinking and thinking. “I know!” said the oldest one. “Let’s first find some place cool so that we have enough time to figure out how to get to Finland.” The children hid the bear in the refrigerator in their kitchen. Then, they did some research where Finland was.
“Let’s build a raft and all go to Finland.” said the middle child. The children were excited. They immediately set off to work and gathered some palm trees to build a raft. They borrowed some tools like axes, hammers, and nails to build the vessel. Afterwards, they packed everything for a 2 weeks trip to Finland and back. They took food, water, books, acompass and binoculars, mending material, a first aid kit, warm socks, hats and mittens.
Off they went. The first couple of days, the children and the bear sailed in good weather, but then, a storm suddenly came up. The wind was howling, the rain was pouring and the waves were crashing. It was so LOUD that the children could not understand their own words. With a yell, the youngest child was swept into the dark waves and she could barely swim. Help!!!! The polar bear jumped in after her and brought her back to safety.
After one night and one day, the storm stopped and the raft kept going north.
It got colder and colder. “Over there, look, my mom!” shouted the bear.
The mommy bear saw her baby and swam towards the raft. “Thank you so much for saving my little Knuth”, she shouted with excitement. The father bear also swam towards the children and his son.

Knuth, the little polar bear, was finally home. How glad everybody was. What an adventure!
The three children sailed back to the island of Maui where their parents were already waiting for them with breakfast.